Blog #2 – Letter from the Pro

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a talk I was listening to recently, Tony Robbins said, “Change is automatic, but progress is not.” As I review my actions and the actions of Walden Ponds as a whole, we have been guilty of making change for changes’ sake, instead of making actual progress. We are striving to make real progress in 2020.

In order to make progress, we have to have the right people on the bus. I’m incredibly excited about what the NEW staff at Walden Ponds can bring to the table. You will see some very familiar faces around such as our General Manager, Cheryl and our Food and Beverage Manager, Chris. These two have become staples of Walden Ponds. They are huge reasons why so many customers love coming to the golf course. 

And then there is me, Cameron. I am finishing up my first year as the Head Golf Professional. I am excited for what is to come at Walden in the next few years. The first year is always the hardest for a head golf professional, especially when you get married in the same year. Your sympathy is appreciated.

In July, Ian joined our staff as our new Assistant Golf Professional. He is a University of Cincinnati graduate and a former employee of the Tiger Woods Foundation. He has quickly become a foundational piece to the golf operation. He will be a tall smiling face that welcomes you and is excited to see you every time you walk into the golf shop. Ian and I are both dedicated to making Walden the best golf experience in Cincinnati/Dayton area.

Finally, for those who don’t know, Walden Ponds has a new Superintendent. Matt, is joining us from Miami Valley Golf Club. I had the privilege of working with Matt at Miami Valley Golf Club and I’m 100% confident in his vision and his ability to bring that vision to fruition.

After being a golf professional for 10 years at 4 golf courses, I can tell you it’s rare to be apart of a team all headed in the same direction. We are dedicated to not only making changes in 2020, but actual PROGRESS. We are having really hard conversations about the future of the club and how we can make WP what our customers want and deserve. I know most of you think we are just taking naps all winter long, but we are actually working hard to make 2020 the best year ever.

On the golf side of the business, I am excited to introduce to you our new features for leagues, outings, and tournaments. Live scoring is a great benefit but that is just the beginning. Better yet, we are going through a complete overhaul of our day-to-day operations. Which was a huge weakness in 2019. We are doing our best to assure you see a friendly face when you arrive, you tee off on time, and that you don’t wait on every shot. All of that starts now, as we prepare for the next season. Finally, communication is a hot topic in the golf shop. We are discussing all the ways we can improve our communication with you, to help you enjoy your round. We will be adding a calendar to our website letting you know when we are having events and how it will affect play for that day. You shouldn’t have to be surprised when you show up and see an outing teeing off. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress we are making in 2020. 

On the golf course side of the business, Matt is prepared to elevate the golf experience one blade of grass at a time. We are focusing on the playability of the golf course. Matt is in my opinion a grass wizard. Unfortunately, we have to make up for some things that have slipped in the past. These may take a little time but I believe you will see some immediate improvements to the playability of the golf course. The rough that seemed to be neglected in recent years will be getting a facelift. The driving range conditions will be elevated significantly. Simple things like cart traffic control improvements to fix the large dead spots that have become an issue will be a priority. As well as repairs to the cart path and the drainage around the cart path. This is just the start.

The progress we make in 2020 will be seen and felt on course and off course, during your full guest experience at Walden Ponds.  Our entire team, from the GM to the guy sweeping trash in the parking lot, is dedicated to making you feel like you got your money’s worth when you pull out of our parking lot. 

I started with a Tony Robbins quote so I might as well finish with one. “If you want to see change happen, ELEVATE YOUR STANDARDS.” Our standards are elevated in 2020 and we are excited to show up ready to go come spring.


Cameron Williams

Head Golf Professional

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