Don't take lessons without a plan.

3 easy steps to better golf.

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2. build a plan with your pro

3. Play the Golf of Your Dreams

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Cameron Williams, Head Golf Professional

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Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Golf Level 2 - Junior Level 2 - Fitness Level 2

Stack and Tilt Certified
Dr. Kwon Biomechanics Certified
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I don't believe in taking golf lessons for the sake of taking a lesson. Golf is one of the most challenging sports in the world; especially for a weekend warrior. Stop wasting your time and money on lessons that don't help, gadgets that don't work, and clubs that don't improve your game. 

My Three Fundamentals of Golf:

Hitting with power

Controlling direction

Hitting the ground in the same spot

“I can’t predict when your commitment will give you the golf game of your dreams. But, if you make the commitment, I can guarantee one thing. You’ll experience hope and despair, elation and disappointment. You’ll test your reserves of patience and persistence. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and, in that way, your quest to improve at golf will enhance your life.” - Bob Rotella