Meet the Instructor

“I can’t predict when your commitment will give you the golf game of your dreams. But, if you make the commitment, I can guarantee one thing. You’ll experience hope and despair, elation and disappointment. You’ll test your reserves of patience and persistence. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and, in that way, your quest to improve at golf will enhance your life.” – Bob Rotella

Cameron Williams

Head Golf Professional

The Three Fundamentals of Golf

  • Hitting with power
  • Controlling direction
  • Hitting the ground in the same spot

My desire as a golf professional is to restore hope of people on the verge of giving up. Whether you are a senior who doesn’t think their body can make the golf swing any longer or are a high school golfer unsure of their ability to play in college, I want to restore hope.

Golf is a hard game but one worth pursuing. The quote above is my favorite golf quote. “Your quest to improve at golf will enhance your life.” I firmly believe this to be true. I’m here to be your guide through the ups and downs of this great game. And by the end of the journey, I know your life will be enhanced.

Proud Member of Callaway Staff
Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Golf Level 2 – Junior Level 2 – Fitness Level 2

Stack and Tilt Certified
Dr. Kwon Biomechanics Certified