Walden Ponds Golf Club!

The Eight Hills We Die On:

  1. Service
    • We are not a private club but, we aspire and work very hard to have a service worthy of a private club level. We want to care for our customers as well as anyone in the Cincinnati and Dayton area.
  2. Quality
    • Golf is an expensive sport. When you pay $50+ to play a game, a certain level of quality is rightfully expected. We are committed to providing a premiere golf course, an unmatched driving range, and overall high quality experience.
  3. Empathy
    • We are all golfers too. We know how frustrating it is to play behind a group that is slow. We know the frustration of a cart not working. We understand and we promise to treat you as if we were in your shoes.
  4. Engagement
    • You shouldn't feel like you are just a dollar sign to Walden Ponds. Our staff will be specifically trained to look you in the eye. Engage in conversation and over-communicate to our customers.
  5. Community
    • We play one of the rare sports that is an individual sport but incredibly social. Through leagues, clinics, competitions, and more, we want to connect you to other people playing the game we love. Including ourselves. We want to develop meaningful relationships with the community of golfers at WP.
  6. Competition
    • No other sport allows you to enjoy the thrill of competition at every skill level and every age. Walden Ponds offers something for everyone. We believe competition is one of the best ways to experience the game.
  7. Consistency
    • You shouldn't have to pull into the parking lot at the golf course wondering what kind of experience you will have today. We are committed to delivering the most consistent experience to our customers as possible.
  8. Evolving
    • Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world but as our customer's wants and needs change so will we. We are always striving to be on the cutting edge of the golf industry. We will invest in technology, new procedures, and intriguing ideas in order to always deliver a better experience.